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1. How to sign in.

2. First steps with SketchUp.

3. How to draw a perfect square (Line tool).

4. How to create a cube out of a square (Push/Pull tool).

5. How to measure distances (Tape measure tool).

6. How to use the Push/Pull tool on a vertical plane.

7. How to make a squared hole.

8. How to draw circles, cylinders and circular holes.

How to sign in.

SketchUp is a 3D modeling computer software used in multiple applications: architecture, industrial design, engineering…

In this guide, the free online version of SketchUp will be used. To enter it, you can click here.

To use the program you have two options:

  • Log in with your Google or Apple account (red rectangle).
  • Create a Trimble ID. This way you will directly sign in the program using any email address (green rectangle).

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