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TinkerCad project

Design your own Parthenon:

The Parthenon is the best known temple of Ancient Greece. It was built almost 2.500 years ago dedicated to the goddess Athena, the patron of Athens. It is a great marble building 70 meters long and 30 meters wide with columns along all its entire perimeter (8 on the facades and 17 on its sides).

(The Parthenon of Athens)

(The full scale replica of the Parthenon of Nashville)

The image on the left shows the full scale replica of the Parthenon built in Nashville (United States) in 1897 for an exposition. Initially La imagen de la izquierda muestra una réplica del Partenon que fue construida en la ciudad estadounidense de Nashville en el año 1897 para una exposición. The first idea was to bring the building down once the exhibition ended. However, it became so popular among visitors that finally it was decided to keep it standing. Some years later, in 1925, the structure began to collapse, so it was completely demolished and rebuilt with stronger materials that have survived to this day.

Project requirements:

  • The dimensions of the grid (ground) must be 500×250 millimeters, and the model must fit inside it.
  • Use at least this shapes: box, cylinder and roof.
  • Your mark will improve if you use hole-shapes.
  • The main elements of the Parthenon must be included in the model: number of columns, shape of the roof
  • You can add as many details as you want.
  • At the end you must group all the elements (select the multicolor option if you want to keep the different colours of the shapes).

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