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SketchUp exercises

For the exercises of this page you will need to use:


Tape measure


If you don’t remember how to use any of them take a look at the guide for SketchUp.

Exercise 1: stairs.

Draw a simple four steps stair like the one of the picture.

The video below shows the steps you must follow. The measures to be used are shown in the image.

Exercise 2: shelves.

Design a shelving like the one in the picture considering the dimensions of the image on the right. Bear in mind that the thickness of all its parts is 20mm (2cm).

Exercise 3: house.

Exercise 4: chair.

The four legs of the chair in the image are 40×40 mm. Create a 3D model with the help of the video below.

Exercise 5: aztec pyramid.

In this case, the dimensions of the figure are shown with the front and top views of the model. Try to create the 3D model of this aztec style pyramid with the help of the video.

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