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1. How to sign up.

2. Creating your first website.

3. Adding new pages.

4. Creating a menu.

5. Some blocks that you should know.

6. How to launch your site.

1. How to sign up

If you’ve never used WordPress before you will need to access its home page:; and click on Get Started.

Then create your account WordPress account. There are two ways to do it:

  • Green box: with any of your personal e-mail addresses, a username and a password (for WordPress).
  • Orange box: with your Google or Apple account. In this case you will only need to introduce the e-mail address and the password of your Google or Apple account.

Once you’ve created you account click on Log in each time you want to access the website. And use one of the two methods to log in: with your email o username (green box) or with your Google or Apple account (orange box):

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