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3D printed keychain

In this guide, you will learn how to 3d print a little customized keychain. The first step is to design it with any CAD (Computer Aided Drawing) software, such as Tinkercad, for example. Don’t forget to add a little hole to your design in order to hang it from the ring of your keys:

Once the design is finished you must group all the elements and click in Export:

And select STL format. which is a format that only keeps the external shape of the figure:

Then the STL file will be downloaded into de downloads folder:

After this, you muust open and slicer program, which is a program that divides the figure that you’ve previously design into layers that will then be printed by the 3d printer. In this case we’ll usue the software Reptier Host:

(Repetier Host logo)

Once the slicing software is open click in File and Load the STL file:

Finally click in the Slicer tab and check the following parameters:

  • The type of support must be: everywhere.
  • The infill density 20%.
  • And the cooling must be enabled.

Finally click in the Slice button:

And save the file, that must be in gcode format, somewhere on your computer:

Note: you can also have a look at the information that is boxed in green: printing time, number of layers, length of filament needed…

To finish the process you’ll just need to save the gcode file into the memory card of your 3d printer and start the printing from the LCD screen.