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Website project

Along this project you will create your own website with WordPress, which is a computer software used to create digital contents. A lot of the websites that you visit everyday on the Internet are created with this tool. Some examples are…

The project will be divided into three different phases:

Phase 1: planning of the website.

Before starting to use WordPress you will need to:

  • Decide what kind of business or activity you are going to advertise with your website. Some examples could be: a clothes store, a restaurant, a language academy, a gifts shop, a soccer club, a city zoo…
  • Once you know the topic of your website you will need to plan how it will be organized: the number of pages it will have, its menus, how the different pages of the site will be linked, what kind of elements it will have and how they will be distributed…

Phase 2: creation of the website.

Once you have a clear idea of how your website should look the next step will be to register in WordPress and start working on your site. You should start by creating the structure of the site, that is all the pages, its menus, and the links between the pages (buttons, links…).

After the structure is created you can start to fill in the webpages with all the elements that WordPress provides: paragraphs, images, videos…

Phase 3: presentation of the website.

The last step of the project will consist on presenting the website to the rest of the class in no more than 5 minutes using the classroom projector

Project requirements:

  • Create a Home page.
  • The website must contain at least four main sections.
  • One menu will be added that will allow to directly access all the pages of the site. It is important that the menu is visible from all the pages.
  • At least one of the following blocks will be added at some place on the website: paragraph, image, video, columns, button, gallery, heading and table.
  • There will be some links to contents (videos, articles…) outside the website.

Project evaluation:

The following aspects will be considered when rating the project:

  • The originality in the choice of the topic.
  • How user friendly the website is (if it is easy to find its different contents).
  • The variety in the use of WordPress blocks.
  • Its appearance, that, is, if it has a consistent style in texts, pictures, backgrounds…
  • How well the communication through texts and images is. Writing mistakes will be taken into account.